Friday, November 16, 2012

Border Run

A few weeks ago I had to take a small trip to Thailand.  I had to leave the country in order to begin the process of securing an NGO Visa.   It was a quick trip… only 3 days, but it was a great little break.  We (Vicki went with me) left early on Monday morning via bus, traveled the first day, crossed the border, stayed night in Thailand, and crossed the border in the morning, stayed the night at a nearby town and traveled back on Wednesday…. Here are a few things I learned/observed:

1.       Five hour bus ride and this sign made it totally worth it.  Elephant Crossing!!!!!  Unfortunately did not see any elephants, but the sign definitely reminded me that I am a long way from home.


2.       After 8 years of working with students and my personality type, when I get on a charter bus, I have this urge to count heads and take role.  I had to laugh at myself that I even thought about counting heads as we left rest stops during our journey. 

3.       I LOVE MOUNTAINS! They always stir my affection for Jesus.  My heart is also humbled that the God that created all of the mountains in the universe also knitted me together in my mother’s womb.  Its nuts.

4.       Jurassic Park has nothing on SE Asia.  I kid you not; there were several times that I was waiting for a T-Rex or some other Jurassic reptile to charge out of the trees.

5.       HOT WATER!!!!  I do not have hot water at my house and needless to say, the hot water and water pressure in Thailand were a great blessing.  I seriously took two 40 minute showers.  One of the biggest lessons that I have learned through this whole thing is that it is the simple things…. And hot showers are a simple thing that I absolutely love!

6.       I am slowly but surely mastering the fine art of climbing in and out of a tuk-tuk.

There are so many more things that I could list, but I think I will finish with this.   God is continually pulling and stretching me.  I have to surrender my controlling type A personality daily and pray for a heart that can be flexible.  It is hard, but for the moments that it all works like it is suppose to, it is so very worth it.

by grace and with much love

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  1. Feel free to continue the list at any time! I loved reading it! Been praying for you, sweet friend. Know that I love and miss you dearly!!